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Obox Mobile is a Mobile Framework that will seamlessly convert your WordPress site into a mobile friendly experience when people visit it via their phones.


As with all our themes, Obox Mobile is packed with some pretty rad features including:

  • Touch operated feature post slider
  • Automatic orientation adjustment
  • Menu management
  • Search bar
  • Commenting (including threaded comments)
  • Logo uploader
  • Background uploader
  • Advert management for mobile
  • Theme switcher
  • Automatic upgradesmobile-theme-chooser


Obox Mobile comes packaged with three sexy looking themes to choose from. They were all designed to suit the look and feel of the iPhone and contain some neat little details that are often missed when visiting sites via mobile.



All three themes, as well as their PSD ’s, are included with the download and can be toggled on/off via a theme switcher built into the WordPress admin panel.

The three designs include:

  • MobiLight – slick, easy to scan design with soft gradients and CSS3 effects
  • MobiDark – the hotter cousin of MobiLight
  • WooMobile – Designed by Mark Forrester, Co-Founder of WooThemes

Child Themes all the way

We’ve told you all about Obox Mobile and why we think it’s such a massive step in WordPress based technology, but what we haven’t yet told you is that it’s also fully customizable.

Want to create your own Obox Mobile design? No problem. Our framework supports its very own set of Mobile Child Themes so that you can make your mobile site look exactly how you want it to.