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Screenshot Themeforest / Premium Pixels

Screenshot Themeforest / Premium Pixels

Included in the first download of WordPress are many preset themes. But who wants those default themes everybody else new to WordPress is going to use? Nobody. This is why we search the internet, for hours, just to find the perfect theme for our new website. There is themeforest.net for example, where you are overwhelmed by all the beautiful themes and plugins. However, the installation process is slightly different than installing a preset theme on WordPress. Dann Berg helps people to understand technical processes and to create their own app or website.

In this tutorial he explains, how to insall the Premium Pixels: Fancy Pants Blog / Magazine Theme on your computer. If you want to know more about the blogger theme, look into our description and see all the amazing features it has to offer.

Dann Berg: Installing a Purchased WordPress Theme

(credit: Dann Berg / YouTube)